About Us

Who we are ?

We are Cross Networks - a Technology Consulting team which caters an approach of SAS (Study | Analyze | Solve/Support). It also provides solution & services for all your technology needs/challenges.

What we do ?

We provide solutions & support on :

Web Management - Domain registration, Web hosting, Website development, Business Emailing solution.

IT Infrastructure - Computers, Laptops, UPS, Servers, Printers etc

Networking & Communications - LAN, WAN, Internet Services, Telecom, multi location connectivity, Hybrid PABX like VOIP/intercom,

Video Conferencing Solutions (on mobile or desktop/laptop/Ipad etc)

Antivirus & Firewall solutions.

Backup's & Storage solution.

Social Media & Digital Markting/branding.

Security Surveillance of campus (CCTV / Fire alarm etc).

Workflow Management.

Vendor Management.

Solar Technology solutions.

Corporate website / Emailing etc.

What we do

Connect with Us -

Email : info@crossnetworks.in
Phone: +91-9700733342